Review of Google Currents

Google Currents is a very fast and powerful newsreader application for the iOS and android based phones and tablets. It fetches free and attractive magazine-like news content on your phone for news reading. There are different categories of the magazine editions-1) Publisher editions- These include some popular publishers namely 500px, Popular Science, Forbes etc which develop a number of articles and other form of content.2) Google trending editions- Google Current uses the functionality of the Google search engine as well with the help of which it tracks the top five recent happenings from the world in categories such as science, sports, music, movies etc. These entire buzz stories are delivered in the form of articles, videos and images etc.3) Blogs- You can also veer all your posts from your Google reader to it which will be delivered as a digital magazine on the app.Where and how to get Google CurrentsAt present, the application is available on only the U.S. app store or the android stores. It is about 10 MB in size and is free of cost. However, it was announced by Google that the app will be soon available globally.Interface and functionalityYou can log into the application and use it by using your Google account. If you are not having one account already then you will have to make one first in order to avail its services.The overall interface and the layout is simple making it easy to use, be it in the portrait mode or the landscape mode. When you have signed in, you will see a big image on the top under which there will a headline related to it. The headline will continue to change with regular intervals covering all the current affairs and latest news as a loop structure. Also, you are freely allowed to subscribe to any of the stories.When you will click on any of the icons, the story will be presented on the screen in detail with a magazine-like layout. There will be text as well as images along with it just like you see in magazines. The newsfeed is divided into six categories to make it easier to catch the specific genre of news you want. However, later you can alter the sources of the news and content too.FeaturesJust after you have signed in, the app will automatically update itself and synchronise with the news. However, as good as it sounds, the entire process is in fact a bit slow. It is especially time consuming when it begins to downloading images. However, after the updates have been made, you are certain to enjoy the experience.You can smoothly share any link from it on your Facebook wall, or tweet about it or can share it on your profiles on any other social networking websites, such Tumbler etc.ProsSimple and easy interface
Easy access to latest news and happenings
Easy login and synchronization with the help of Google accountConsContent update and synchronization is quite slow
When using the application in offline mode, sometimes the images are not available

The Benefits of Staying Current With Your RSS Reader

RSS feeds are nothing more than real-time content that is sent out across the net via feeds for all to read. All news items, press releases, and even product announcements can be sent via feeds. This provides readers with news the moment it happens instead of waiting for the local news. As a webmaster, these feeds allow you to provide your readers and your visitors with fresh content on the subject matter they are coming to your website to read. You can easily add a feed to your website that will pull the news from other websites that are using this tool.RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication and of course is a very easy way to provide you and your readers with the latest updates on current affairs and events. Webmasters can syndicate the updates and send them out to all subscribers without any worries. The feeds will provide the headlines and short blurbs with the link to your website for the rest of the article.For readers, these feeds allow them to subscribe to various websites that offer topics of interest instead of visiting the websites each and every day or even several times a day to learn if new content has been published. By using an RSS reader, they can easily read the headlines on their desktop, through their browser, or on a website, that offers organization of all their feeds.All webmasters can truly benefit by providing these feeds to their readers. Not only will your current readers enjoy reading your latest updates, but also you will gain more traffic as soon as the word gets out that you have this feed. You can even add a feed to your website that will show the latest headlines in the topics of your choice. This will not only provide your readers with your own updates, but also updates across the net on their favorite topics.Finding RSS feeds for your website or for you to subscribe to is easy. Just type in your favorite topics and the words RSS feeds in a search engine. You will find a wide array of websites that offer feeds as well as websites offering you the chance to organize your feeds. Staying current today is as easy as clicking your mouse, so why are you still visiting all those websites, just subscribe to their feeds and enjoy. This just happens to be one of the most popular ways to stay current offering the world at your fingertips.